The Wilkies

Better late than never!

In October, we had the pleasure of shooting this awesome growing family days before their newest addition join the group. We headed out to the Edmonton River Valley for a walk and shoot. Little V ran around picking up everything he could find, sliding down snow banks, and laughing the whole time. 

This type of shoot shows Edmonton at it's best. Hope you dig it too.

Morgan, Ben, & Ronan

We pride ourselves on being a creative duo. We thoroughly love when we are able to provide creative input for shoots when we work with various theatre groups. We love being able to advise our other clients on possible locations, wardrobe, and general theme of the shoot. But every once in a blue moon we get to work with someone like Morgan.

Morgan and her husband Ben were expecting their first child and Morgan was looking to get Maternity photos done. But not just any old photos – she had something in mind. She wanted the shoot to be based on John Waters 1990 movie, Cry Baby, starring Johnny Depp. And we loved the idea!!

When we met downtown for the shoot Morgan arrived looking so much like Ricki Lakes’ character Pepper Walker - it was awesome! The shoot was so much fun. Morgan totally played up the character in every way and we all laughed a great deal in between shots.

Flash forward several weeks and we switch gears for our visit with Morgan and Ben and their new arrival, Ronan. This shoot may not have been “themed”, but it was still a lot of fun.

Ronan is definitely a cutie. It was also great to see how their dog Maybelline was obviously comfortable with this new human in her life.  

Congrats to Morgan and Ben on the arrival of their son Ronan.

Here is a look at images from both sessions:

Fall Portrait Blitz 2015

Another Portrait Blitz has come and gone and we've delivered the images to all of the families that participated in the event. We thought we'd share some of the images from the day with you.

We certainly had a great day with everyone. Big thanks to everyone who participated. It was great that we got to work with a mix of new clients and some loyal clients as well. We love seeing the young ones growing up from photo shoot to photo shoot!! 

We plan on having more and more of these photo blitz events so make sure to "like" our Facebook page so you can get updates on exactly when we are having another event.

Take a look at some of the shots from our Fall Portrait Blitz below.

brad & dave

Jennifer & David... and Carter

With Jennifer & David's son Carter turning 2 months old recently, we thought it was high time we posted the photos we took of the couple as they were preparing for the arrival of the little guy!

We met on a chilly October evening to get some photos of the couple only a few short weeks before their son was due to be born. Carter joined Jennifer & David on November 3rd. We are very happy for them all!

Here is a look at some of the photos from that day:


Elizabeth & Trent

This was probably one of my most favourite maternity sessions. The light was awesome. The weather was perfect. It all just clicked.

Elizabeth and Trent are on the verge of their new person making their appearance into the world. I think we probably got these pictures just in time. Elizabeth told me as we were shooting that Trent was a little apprehensive about the whole portrait session thing, but in the end, all three of us had a really good time.

Can't wait to meet your little human!

Marika & Steven - Maternity

We got to these shots right in time! Two days after these pictures were taken, Marika gave birth to the lovely, little Max.

With the weather being as cold as it has been, as late into the year as it has been, we took advantage of the long days and feet deep snow. When the cold got to us, we decided to return home and capture the last few moments before this couple became three.

Urban Maternity

We were contacted by Meagan and Sean as they were the lucky recipients of a photo session purchased by her sister. Several months back, Brad and I donated a session to Watch Me Productions for their fundraiser for 'An Evening with Shel Silverstein". Brad and I being big supporters of the arts couldn't have been happier to help out.

When it was time for her session, Meagan (who is having twins) made it very clear that she didn't want the normal type of maternity shots, but really wanted something that matched her and her husband's personalities. She came to the right place. This is out favourite type of shoot.

Check out some of the stuff we got from that day and check the Portraits section of our page for other similar shoots we've done.

- dave

The Benefits of a Photography Partnership

As Brad and I are always trying to learn and grow with our photography, sometimes we need to practice setups, lighting, posing. It works out well that my wife and daughter are always up for a shoot.

We are currently expecting our second and thought it would be a great time to head out to her father's property just north of the city and do a maternity/family/fall shoot. The weather was perfect, the light was awesome and he were able to capture a moment in time of our family.

Check out the shots below a see what we mean.

Thanks Brad for doing such a great job!

- dave

Maternity - Andrew & Joelle

Finally! A sunny day this summer! It couldn't have worked out better that I had a photo shoot already booked with Andrew and Joelle.

We headed down to the river valley with their two dogs and took some fun shots under the walking bridge, braved the mosquitos and had a great time.

Here are some of the shots from that day. Check out the Portraits section of the site for more.

- dave