Michelle & Family - Fall 2018

Well, it took 3 attempts but we finally made it happen! Michelle had booked her family for our Fall Blitz that was to take place on Sunday September 16th, but as that day approached, Edmonton was hit with rain/snow/wind that made an outdoor shoot impossible. With the forecast for Saturday September 22nd looking so much nicer we re-scheduled the Blitz for that day. That day approached and it ended up being worse than the Sunday so we had to end up cancelling our Blitz altogether.

Edmonton did warm up in the weeks to follow and we ended up scheduling a session with Michelle on October 20th. While it ended up being quite windy, it was quite nice out!! The challenge editing the photos from the session was scanning through the 15 photos of a setup to find the one or two where Michelle’s hair wasn’t blowing across her face. Luckily those shots existed (the advantage of digital photography and being able to take so many shots and not worry about the cost of developing film for sure).

 Take a look at some of the images from the session that took place around the new Royal Alberta Museum:

The Pipella's

It is always fantastic to catch up with a family as they grow. When we first worked with these three, it was a few weeks after Violet was born.

Now she is running around and exploring like you wouldn't believe. One of the great things about this session was that we the entire shoot was shot in the small park behind their house. It is always so cool to have the location have a connection to the family. 

Thanks guys for having. We look forward to the next round soon.

A Cold and Cool Fall Session

We met Leslie on the very first wedding Brad and I shot together. At that time, she was pregnant with her first. Now all these years later we had the pleasure of photographing the whole brood. 

We took them to a spot downtown that we've wanted to shoot at for a long time. It offered such diverse settings and only within a block radius. We are really happy with how this session turned out. Check it out for yourself.

..and then there were four

It's one of those things. Being a photographer, I am constantly taking pictures of my family. However, looking back at the shots from the past year, it looks like at any given time there are groups of one, two or if we're lucky, three of us.

Since the birth of our son Elliott last year, we have yet to take a picture of all four of us together. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is where some of the advantages of a photography partnership kick in.

Brad graciously gave up an hour of his time on, up to that point, the coldest day of the fall and we headed for some downtown alleys, toddlers in tow.

Thank you, Uncle Brad for getting such fun shots of our group. We truly appreciate your time, effort and skill.

Check out what we got!


- dave

The L Family

When you spend only a few minutes outside this time of year, you get why people love having their photos taken in the fall. Joelle and Andrew just celebrated their son Henry's first birthday and it was about time to get some proper family photos.

What a cute little dude. This guy has no problem having his picture taken. He was hamming it up for the camera the entire time we were out. We basically went out to the same area where we had done Joelle's maternity photos, a little over a year ago.

Check out what we got from that beautiful autumn Sunday.

- dave

The Benefits of a Photography Partnership

As Brad and I are always trying to learn and grow with our photography, sometimes we need to practice setups, lighting, posing. It works out well that my wife and daughter are always up for a shoot.

We are currently expecting our second and thought it would be a great time to head out to her father's property just north of the city and do a maternity/family/fall shoot. The weather was perfect, the light was awesome and he were able to capture a moment in time of our family.

Check out the shots below a see what we mean.

Thanks Brad for doing such a great job!

- dave