Neil & Mel

It rained. It stopped. It poured. It stopped. It REALLY poured. It drizzled. It stopped. It shone! It rained. It stopped.

What a roller-coaster of a wedding day for Neil and Mel, and all the while the time was spent with laughs and tears and everything in between. Knowing the weather might throw us for a loop, we made sure to plan a pub stop in the middle of the day so we could grab some food and drink, get out of the down pour and take a breath. This time, the good folks at Biera played host.

What an amazing building! So many different nooks and crannies, both inside and out. From there we headed out to Mill Creek ravine for some mandatory bridge shots, then to Remedy Cafe for another quick warm up before heading to the reception. The added bonus about our quick cafe stop, is that Remedy is where Neil and Mel met when he was a server there. It was fun recreating that moment.

Our evening ended at the Pleasantview Community League where we were witness to heartfelt speeches, tons of laughter, and an off the hook dance floor.

We hope you enjoy this peak at Neil & Mel’s amazing day.


Cassie & Scott - Wedding

Cassie was hoping for a snowy day for her wedding. As luck would have it for her, it snowed just enough for it to appear wintery without it being too cold out. It was still chilly, don't get me wrong, but it could have definitely been much worse!

As far as laid back weddings go, Cassie & Scott's pretty much takes the cake! They didn't have a Wedding Party, they were the only ones to give a speech at the reception, and other than a first dance, there weren't any of the typical garter toss, bouquet toss type events. But don't think that their wedding was not amazing, cause it was!

The couple shared a first look moment together in the alleyway next to Malt & Mortar on Whyte Ave, then headed in to the pub to spend some time with their immediate family. After a while the family left and Dave and I spent the remainder of the afternoon with just the two of them. It was great. They got to really experience the whole day together without any distractions.

After the formal photos we headed to the Old Timers Cabin for the ceremony and reception. The ceremony was beautiful, the dinner was fantastic, the dessert was even better. All around a great day for two great people.

We wish Cassie & Scott many years of happiness together, and thank them for letting us spend their day with them.

- brad

Cassie & Drew

What a great day this was!

After the great time we had with Cassie and Drew at their engagement session, we were pumped to get shooting their big day. The day started off at with a First Look at their house, then we headed to Iconoclast Coffee (a favourite hangout of these two), took some photos on the edge of the new Brewery District, before finally heading off to the Old Timers Cabin for the ceremony and reception. 

Thank you Cassie and Drew for letting us capture your wedding. Here's to many awesome years ahead!

Krista & Brent's Wedding

We were lucky enough to shoot Krista & Brent’s engagement session at the amazing Ice Castle here in Edmonton back in January. And we were lucky a second time when we found out their ceremony was being held at the Gretzky Church!! Some of you might know it by its actual name of St. Joseph's Basilica (although, if you Google "Gretzky church" it is the first thing that comes up... just saying).

While most of our wedding shoots end up having a decidedly urban feel, we certainly feel right at home out in the country, too. Krista & Brent are definitely more of the outdoorsy types, so we just had to find a location to fit their style for their wedding photos. Luckily, the day before the wedding, Brent stumbled upon this great location. It had this fantastic old barn (that we thought just might collapse right before our eyes), a beautiful pathway leading to the open fields, and a few great old cars. What a find! Nice hunting Brent!

After our session out at the farm we headed back to the couple’s house in Sherwood Park. It was a nice little interlude between the photo session and the upcoming reception. I’m pretty sure they just wanted to head back there because they missed their dogs too much. It was nice for everyone to have a little downtime. They sat out in the back yard while one of the groomsmen played a few songs on his guitar (he also sang the song for the couple’s first dance).

The rest of the day was also a success and a great time was had by all. We wish these two many, many years of happiness.

Here is a look at a selection of the photos from their wedding day: 

Lacey & Chad's Wedding

We met Lacey at the Bridal Fantasy show back in January this year. We seemed to impress her with our work (and our charm, I’m sure) and she booked us on the spot! I’m sure Chad was a little startled to find out they had booked a photographer without his knowledge, but we met with the two of them a few weeks later and Chad gave his stamp of approval as well.

We spent their wedding day hanging out with their gigantic wedding party (18 people including the couple) and had a blast! For their photos we went to a great, rustic location in downtown Edmonton (where the ladies even managed to get photos in front of a fire truck) then headed off to Mercer Tavern to have some food and drinks and take more photos. The Mercer staff have always been great to us whenever we’ve camped out at their place on wedding shoots.

On a lucky note, Rogers Place arena was set to open about a month after their wedding so we managed to get a few shots of them with the nearly-complete building in the background. As those of you from Edmonton can attest, it is an amazing structure.

The reception was a fantastic event (Lacey did an amazing job with all of the details for sure!). One of the best things was that they ensured their son was a part of the day. He seemed to quite enjoy himself and he looked pretty darn cool too!

Lacey & Chad, we wish you all the best!!!

Take a look at some of the moments from their special day:  

Grace & Mark

It’s a small world. I think we can all agree on that. But when we book a wedding with a couple from Toronto because the bride-to-be happens to be great friends with a girl from Calgary whose sister (that lives in Edmonton) happens to be not only a great friend of ours, but was the bride of one of the first weddings we ever shot as a team, it makes the world seem even smaller!!

Grace & Mark are awesome – let me just get that out of the way. We enjoyed being with them on their wedding day a great deal. They were so laid back and rolled with the punches that were thrown their way. That includes changing the VENUE for the wedding ceremony the MORNING OF the wedding!! That’s right! The weather was not going to be good enough to have the outdoor wedding they had planned for, so they arranged to have the ceremony at the same place they were having the reception. And truth be told, if you didn’t know that fact, you would not have known it wasn’t supposed to have been held at the Matrix Hotel all along. Everything came together so perfectly, it was awesome to be a part of.

Luck was also on our side that day though. We spent our time between the ceremony and the reception at Rocky Mountain Icehouse having some food, drinks, and lots of laughs. The luck I speak of is that we JUST made it to the pub before it started to pour down from the skies. And then we lucked out again when the rain stopped just long enough for us to go out to the alleyways around the pub and get some beautiful shots of this fantastic couple (and their awesome wedding party too!).

Grace & Mark made their way back to Toronto a few days after the wedding but we recently had the pleasure of meeting with Grace when she came back to visit her Edmonton family. Once again we realized why we love doing what we do. We meet some truly fantastic people and love it when they appreciate what we do for them. Grace is certainly appreciative of our work and that makes us grin gigantic smiles!

We leave you now with a selection of the photos we captured on that day in June… enjoy! 

Teresa & Bruce - New Year's Eve Wedding!

Teresa & Bruce are as in love with each other as I've ever seen with any other couple! They are just so cute together. When they asked me to photograph their New Year's Eve wedding I was honoured to do it. 

Dave had prior obligations (with it being New Year's Eve and all) so I enlisted my girlfriend Nicole (who has a fantastic fashion design business called Vertigogo Designs) to help out with lighting for the evening. 

Teresa & Bruce were married at their home here in Edmonton. The house was converted into an amazing wedding venue! Teresa's daughter Andrea made some amazing artwork from literally thrift store finds! Lots of candles lighting the home made it so cozy. With only approximately 40 guests present, it was a very intimate affair.

We found some time to venture outside for a few photos after the ceremony. Teresa was quite a trooper and spent our time outside without a coat on. Luckily it was one of the nicer evenings we've had in a while so that helped, but she was still shivering but tried not to let it show.

Nicole and I were thrilled to experience this evening with the lovebirds and will remember this New Year's Eve for decades to come!

Check out a few of the moments from the night below.

- brad

Christine and Roy

The trick with winter weddings is to not look cold. 

While Christine and Roy had their actual wedding in warm, warm, Hawaii, they elected to have their hometown reception in December. Quite the contrast! These two were troopers. This happened to be the first day of the year where it felt cold outside. The session involved a lot of "1,2,3,... coat off!", shoot, shoot, shoot, then "coat back on!".

The other cool (pun intended) element of this shoot was the history here. In a former life, Christine, Roy and I had all worked at Starbucks together. In fact, that's where these two met. I was honoured that the asked me to shoot their home gathering at Violino Italian Restaurant. We even hopped across the street to take some meaningful photos in a Starbucks. 

This was such a fun night. Congrats you two! Here's to many years of happiness.

Amanda & Jason

Downtown weddings. Our favourite.

While Brad was off shooting a wedding in Ireland, I had the pleasure of shooting Amanda and Jason's big day. We started by running around 104th St, finding all the awesome nooks and crannies that our city has to offer. Then from there, we headed to a beautiful ceremony at the Yellowhead Brewery followed by awesome music spun by Chris Bullough, dancing , and even a makeshift photo booth.

Thanks you two for having me as part of your day. I really had a great time and can't wait to see where your adventures take you.

Jasmin & Andrew's Wedding

Andrew, the groom from the wedding we shot on July 4th, has been in the wedding party of TWO previous weddings we've been part of (Robert and Melissa, and Rob and Alicia). Finally we were able to shoot HIS wedding (the phrase "always a groomsman, never a groom" came to mind of course). It goes without saying that we adore Jasmin & Andrew. They are so fun to be around. Their whole group of friends made for a great day for Dave and I. All we can say is that we hope another member of this group gets married soon so we can be around them again in a wedding setting.

Take a look at some of the photos we were able to capture from Jasmin & Andrew's big day.

- brad

Sylvia & David

What an honour it was to be a part of this beautiful celebration.

It was a small church wedding on a gorgeous day in May when it had snowed only a few days before. It was quiet and intimate. Even the power going out only added to the magic of the ceremony.

Afterwards, we stole off to the river valley for a few quick portrait shots before these two whisked away in their T-Bird off to celebrate their new marriage with those closest to them.

Enjoy a small sample of the photos from that day.