Morgan, Ben, & Ronan

We pride ourselves on being a creative duo. We thoroughly love when we are able to provide creative input for shoots when we work with various theatre groups. We love being able to advise our other clients on possible locations, wardrobe, and general theme of the shoot. But every once in a blue moon we get to work with someone like Morgan.

Morgan and her husband Ben were expecting their first child and Morgan was looking to get Maternity photos done. But not just any old photos – she had something in mind. She wanted the shoot to be based on John Waters 1990 movie, Cry Baby, starring Johnny Depp. And we loved the idea!!

When we met downtown for the shoot Morgan arrived looking so much like Ricki Lakes’ character Pepper Walker - it was awesome! The shoot was so much fun. Morgan totally played up the character in every way and we all laughed a great deal in between shots.

Flash forward several weeks and we switch gears for our visit with Morgan and Ben and their new arrival, Ronan. This shoot may not have been “themed”, but it was still a lot of fun.

Ronan is definitely a cutie. It was also great to see how their dog Maybelline was obviously comfortable with this new human in her life.  

Congrats to Morgan and Ben on the arrival of their son Ronan.

Here is a look at images from both sessions:

The YEG Photography Webcast is Live!

We're on the YouTubes everybody! We're pretty excited about it. Episode 001 of the YEG Photography Webcast is live and ready for viewing.

For the first episode we thought we would just introduce ourselves and tell a bit about how we started in photography and how we ended up working together. As you will learn if you watch the video (and we hope you do), our real reason for doing this webcast series is that when we were starting out, we appreciated that so many photographers around the world shared their tips and tricks for free. We found that their video tutorials ended up being a large part of our photography education. In fact, we still find videos that enhance what we know all the time. So we thought we'd share our take on all things photographic with the world.

A few examples of what you can expect in upcoming episodes:

  • Editing tips
  • Photography tips
  • Wedding day tips for couples about to be married
  • Our approach to topics like headshots, location scouting, newborn photography etc.
  • Requests from the audience (that means you... let us know what you'd like to see us talk about)

So have a look at the video above and don't be shy - let us know your thoughts. If you have suggestions for upcoming episodes we'd love to hear it. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won't miss an episode.

Thanks very much everyone!

dave & brad

Amanda & Jason

Downtown weddings. Our favourite.

While Brad was off shooting a wedding in Ireland, I had the pleasure of shooting Amanda and Jason's big day. We started by running around 104th St, finding all the awesome nooks and crannies that our city has to offer. Then from there, we headed to a beautiful ceremony at the Yellowhead Brewery followed by awesome music spun by Chris Bullough, dancing , and even a makeshift photo booth.

Thanks you two for having me as part of your day. I really had a great time and can't wait to see where your adventures take you.

Lauren & Tim

The big day has come and gone.

What a fun wedding this was and we knew it would be after the awesome engagement session we had with them a month before. The great thing about Lauren and Tim's wedding was it featured two of our favourite elements during a wedding photo shoot. A return to the place where the couple first met, and a place for the wedding party to sit, get a bite to eat, and something to drink mid photo shoot. In this case The Keg Steakhouse at South Edmonton Common satisfied both of those elements.

After photos, we headed to the Derrick Golf & Winter Club for a fantastic dinner and a great party. The night wrapped up with the bride bringing the house down with a karaoke 'Sweet Child of Mine". Such a great night. 

Hears to many great years ahead Lauren and Time.


We were honoured when earlier this summer L'unithéatre approached us to help design the promotional material for their entire season. They challenged us to come us a series of images that had the same feel but each connected to one individual element of each show. We are used to shooting with actors to help create this kind of material so it was fun to play around with photo techniques to pull off a tone with inanimate objects. Only for La Passion de Narcisse Mondoux did we actually reach out to some lovely hand models to help build the image.

The first show of the season, LES BLUES DES OUBLIÉES is up and runs until October 24th. Please check it out if you get the chance. From the reviews they have been getting, it looks to be a stellar show. Here are the details:


October 14th to17th and 21st to 24th, 2015 at 8PM, plus
Saturday Matinées, October 17th and 24th 2015 at 1:30PM. Pre-opening presentations on Oct. 14 and 15 at a reduced price.


Text by Pierrette Requier. Directed by Brian Dooley. Produced by L'UniThéâtre.

Fall Portrait Blitz 2015

Another Portrait Blitz has come and gone and we've delivered the images to all of the families that participated in the event. We thought we'd share some of the images from the day with you.

We certainly had a great day with everyone. Big thanks to everyone who participated. It was great that we got to work with a mix of new clients and some loyal clients as well. We love seeing the young ones growing up from photo shoot to photo shoot!! 

We plan on having more and more of these photo blitz events so make sure to "like" our Facebook page so you can get updates on exactly when we are having another event.

Take a look at some of the shots from our Fall Portrait Blitz below.

brad & dave


We love new born lifestyle sessions.

It it so great to take photos of a new family in their home, among their things. It gives the photos such a personal feel. Atticus' (or Bat-ticus as he was dubbed in the session) shoot is a great example of that. The warmth of the light in the sitting room. The family all dressed in their finest uniforms.  This photo shoot screamed of the personality of this family.

We had such a great time working with these three. Hope you enjoy the glimpse at this fun session.

Cassie & Drew

We captured a rainbow!

It was a bright one too. While traipsing through the river valley, trying to avoid the rain, we stopped to check a setting on the camera and when we looked up, we saw one of the clearest rainbows we had seen in a long time. Such a great thing to catch.

After that, we led Cassie and Drew under Saskatchewan Drive and over to the High Level Bridge for some night time shots. Pretty happy with how this session turned out.

Looking forward to this wedding next year.

Sylvia & David

What an honour it was to be a part of this beautiful celebration.

It was a small church wedding on a gorgeous day in May when it had snowed only a few days before. It was quiet and intimate. Even the power going out only added to the magic of the ceremony.

Afterwards, we stole off to the river valley for a few quick portrait shots before these two whisked away in their T-Bird off to celebrate their new marriage with those closest to them.

Enjoy a small sample of the photos from that day.