Fall Portrait Blitz - Team Jen

Jen, Dave, and little Z joined us again for another Blitz and Z stole our hearts again! I am pretty sure this little lady has a smile every second of her life and that makes it pretty great for getting fun photos of her. 

This time around the little superstar didn't want to give up her shades! She finally gave them up once Dad decided HE would wear them. She seemed pretty happy about that.

Check out some photos from their session:

A Cold and Cool Fall Session

We met Leslie on the very first wedding Brad and I shot together. At that time, she was pregnant with her first. Now all these years later we had the pleasure of photographing the whole brood. 

We took them to a spot downtown that we've wanted to shoot at for a long time. It offered such diverse settings and only within a block radius. We are really happy with how this session turned out. Check it out for yourself.

Fall Portrait Blitz 2015

Another Portrait Blitz has come and gone and we've delivered the images to all of the families that participated in the event. We thought we'd share some of the images from the day with you.

We certainly had a great day with everyone. Big thanks to everyone who participated. It was great that we got to work with a mix of new clients and some loyal clients as well. We love seeing the young ones growing up from photo shoot to photo shoot!! 

We plan on having more and more of these photo blitz events so make sure to "like" our Facebook page so you can get updates on exactly when we are having another event.

Take a look at some of the shots from our Fall Portrait Blitz below.

brad & dave


We love new born lifestyle sessions.

It it so great to take photos of a new family in their home, among their things. It gives the photos such a personal feel. Atticus' (or Bat-ticus as he was dubbed in the session) shoot is a great example of that. The warmth of the light in the sitting room. The family all dressed in their finest uniforms.  This photo shoot screamed of the personality of this family.

We had such a great time working with these three. Hope you enjoy the glimpse at this fun session.

The M-A Family

I'm sure when people think of Edmonton, the below images are what come to mind. We shot this session right after some new fallen snow had blanketed the city. It was simply gorgeous outside. Such a perfect time for a photo session. Tossing snow in the air. Making fresh tracks. All of it in a place this family frequents on a regular basis.

This is Edmonton. This is one of the reasons we love living here. Enjoy.

The Christies

This family is a really close one to mine. Even though proximity wise that is not the case, when we get together we just pick up where we left off. Now our kids are the same way being so close in age.

I had done photos years ago for them when there were only 3 members to this family. Now there are 5. We head up to Lake Minnewanka on a cold November day before a massive snow storm. We had to be really quick but even so, I love the  personality captured in the shots. I hope you do to.

Gwen is here!

I love at home new born sessions. There is something about capturing a young family in the place where they spend most of their time. In their element. I was so excited to meet Gwendolyn, especially because it gave me an excuse to reconnect with longtime friends Kim and Treena.

Enjoy these shots from the session.

Miss I is 1

She's just too cute! Every time I pointed the camera at her, she would just give the best looks. These three are long time friends and I was honoured to have them ask me to do a session.

It was so much fun watching her walk around and explore downtown. From the looks of it, she was having fun too.

The Yaghi Family

The Yaghi family are expecting their second child about a month from now but Nora was a trooper throughout this shoot. We managed to get a good assortment of photos in a fairly small area so she didn’t have to walk around too much. Thankfully there were still some leaves on the trees – they really seemed to disappear overnight this year.

I hope you can tell from these photos just how cute their son is. He was hilarious! We had a lot of fun on this photo shoot and we wish them all the best as they prepare to welcome their new addition.

Marika, Steven and Max at 6 Months

One of the great things about what we do is the ability to document people as they move through their lives. Engagement shoot becomes Wedding shoot. Wedding shoot becomes maternity photos… then newborn photos etc.

With Marika and Stephen we have been able to capture their maternity photos then a session with little Max when he was only a few days old. We met with the family recently to capture images of Max at 6 months old.

The day we met happened to be the day the first snow fell here in Edmonton. Just so Max didn’t get too cold outside we headed in to Rosso Pizzeria for a coffee and a little bite to eat. We sat back and took photos of the family spending time together.

We took to the streets after our fantastic coffee to take advantage of the beauty of the newly fallen snow for some nice outdoor photos. With the shoot finished, Max was whisked away by his parents to the warmth of the family vehicle.

We look forward to seeing Max grow through the years. 

Here are some of the images from our most recent session:

The Smiths

Meet the Smiths. Shannon reached out a while ago wanting some updated photos of her adorable family.  So downtown we went. 

What is always cool about downtown for Brad and I is that with only a slight turn, you have a whole new look. From parks to brick walls to shipping containers, the variety is just awesome.

Check out the shots we got from that fun, fall day.


Fall Portrait Blitz

The Fall Portrait Blitz that we held on September 29th was a lot of fun for us. 8 different groups showed up to have Dave and I capture their images and we enjoyed working with each one of them! 

The weather almost worked against us - it was raining early in the morning but stopped just a few minutes before the first session began.  

Here is a sampling of the images we were able to get from the Blitz: 


Lisa and the kids (the lost blog post)

Last October Dave and I went out for a family portrait session with Lisa and her two kids. Lisa was my very first official (paying) client and for the last several years we have done family photos. We always want to make sure we are choosing a new location every year. This last October we headed out to an industrial equipment scrap yard. Yes - a scrap yard. It was amazing! Lisa was so up for the idea and we are glad she agreed. We love the photos we got that day – and so does she!

It was brought to my attention that we actually never did a blog post of photos from that shoot… so here it is!!

We are going to be heading out sometime this summer to take this year’s family photos for Lisa, Maya and Jake. We’re going to have to come up with a very good location to top this place, but we are excited at the possibilities!

Here are some of the images we got that day:



This is Max.

You met his parents, Marika and Steven, just days before this little guy made his appearance. He is such a tiny little dude and SO patient.  

You could tell right away how much love these two had for their most recent addition. I think that really comes across in the shots below.

Check 'em out!

- dave


I am just honoured to have photographed this new family. Matt and Jenn are long time friends and you could see the pride they have over their little guy. I can't get over how cute this tiny dude is.

It stopped raining just in time for us to dress him up and head outside. He was such a trooper. 

Check him out everyone!

Meet Will.

- dave

..and then there were four

It's one of those things. Being a photographer, I am constantly taking pictures of my family. However, looking back at the shots from the past year, it looks like at any given time there are groups of one, two or if we're lucky, three of us.

Since the birth of our son Elliott last year, we have yet to take a picture of all four of us together. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is where some of the advantages of a photography partnership kick in.

Brad graciously gave up an hour of his time on, up to that point, the coldest day of the fall and we headed for some downtown alleys, toddlers in tow.

Thank you, Uncle Brad for getting such fun shots of our group. We truly appreciate your time, effort and skill.

Check out what we got!


- dave

The L Family

When you spend only a few minutes outside this time of year, you get why people love having their photos taken in the fall. Joelle and Andrew just celebrated their son Henry's first birthday and it was about time to get some proper family photos.

What a cute little dude. This guy has no problem having his picture taken. He was hamming it up for the camera the entire time we were out. We basically went out to the same area where we had done Joelle's maternity photos, a little over a year ago.

Check out what we got from that beautiful autumn Sunday.

- dave