Marika, Steven and Max at 6 Months

One of the great things about what we do is the ability to document people as they move through their lives. Engagement shoot becomes Wedding shoot. Wedding shoot becomes maternity photos… then newborn photos etc.

With Marika and Stephen we have been able to capture their maternity photos then a session with little Max when he was only a few days old. We met with the family recently to capture images of Max at 6 months old.

The day we met happened to be the day the first snow fell here in Edmonton. Just so Max didn’t get too cold outside we headed in to Rosso Pizzeria for a coffee and a little bite to eat. We sat back and took photos of the family spending time together.

We took to the streets after our fantastic coffee to take advantage of the beauty of the newly fallen snow for some nice outdoor photos. With the shoot finished, Max was whisked away by his parents to the warmth of the family vehicle.

We look forward to seeing Max grow through the years. 

Here are some of the images from our most recent session: