Michelle & Family - Fall 2018

Well, it took 3 attempts but we finally made it happen! Michelle had booked her family for our Fall Blitz that was to take place on Sunday September 16th, but as that day approached, Edmonton was hit with rain/snow/wind that made an outdoor shoot impossible. With the forecast for Saturday September 22nd looking so much nicer we re-scheduled the Blitz for that day. That day approached and it ended up being worse than the Sunday so we had to end up cancelling our Blitz altogether.

Edmonton did warm up in the weeks to follow and we ended up scheduling a session with Michelle on October 20th. While it ended up being quite windy, it was quite nice out!! The challenge editing the photos from the session was scanning through the 15 photos of a setup to find the one or two where Michelle’s hair wasn’t blowing across her face. Luckily those shots existed (the advantage of digital photography and being able to take so many shots and not worry about the cost of developing film for sure).

 Take a look at some of the images from the session that took place around the new Royal Alberta Museum:

Julie & Tehl's Wedding

We first met Julie & Tehl back in June of 2017 when Tehl had booked us for a portrait session as a Mother’s Day gift for Julie. Tehl used Facebook to search for a photographer and someone was kind enough to recommend us for the job (always very much appreciated!!).

When it came time for these two to get married, they let us know of their engagement by email and added: “Of course we would like you guys to be our photographers!” And we were thrilled to hear it!!

This wedding was so unique. It all took place in and around their acreage just south of Leduc. Julie got ready at their house and Tehl got ready at a hotel in Leduc. Dave spent time with Julie while she got ready and I was with Tehl. We all met up at a place called The Old Red Barn for their first look. We also took some amazing photos of the couple inside the barn after the first look. What a great space! We all headed to Tehl’s gym for a few more photos as well.

After the gym, we went our separate ways once again. Tehl got his two boys dressed back at the hotel and Julie got her son ready at the house. Then it was time for the ceremony. The outdoor setting on their acreage was just perfect.

Once they were officially wed we headed back to The Old Red Barn to get photos of the whole gang. Luckily the barn was only a 2-minute drive from their house.

With the formal photo portion of the day complete we all zipped back to their acreage for the reception. Tehl did a great job converting the Quonset on their property into a wedding reception space. It looked like it was intended for receptions all along! The camper-turned-bar known as The Old Fashioned (supplied by the same people that run The Old Red Barn) was such a unique touch! So was the fact that dinner featured an actual pig roast!

We cannot say enough about how great it was to work with these two. A true joy indeed!! We couldn’t be happier for them and wish them all the happiness in the world.

Take a look at just some of the images we captured on their big day:

Julie & Tehl Wedding-299-db.jpg

Neil & Mel

It rained. It stopped. It poured. It stopped. It REALLY poured. It drizzled. It stopped. It shone! It rained. It stopped.

What a roller-coaster of a wedding day for Neil and Mel, and all the while the time was spent with laughs and tears and everything in between. Knowing the weather might throw us for a loop, we made sure to plan a pub stop in the middle of the day so we could grab some food and drink, get out of the down pour and take a breath. This time, the good folks at Biera played host.

What an amazing building! So many different nooks and crannies, both inside and out. From there we headed out to Mill Creek ravine for some mandatory bridge shots, then to Remedy Cafe for another quick warm up before heading to the reception. The added bonus about our quick cafe stop, is that Remedy is where Neil and Mel met when he was a server there. It was fun recreating that moment.

Our evening ended at the Pleasantview Community League where we were witness to heartfelt speeches, tons of laughter, and an off the hook dance floor.

We hope you enjoy this peak at Neil & Mel’s amazing day.


2018 Spring Portrait Blitz

We held our annual Spring Portrait Blitz in and around the new Norquest building on 108 Street and 102 Avenue this year. The building looks fantastic! The area around the building is also full of nice little spots that allowed us to capture some great images of the groups that took part in the event.

The day ended up being quite warm and sunny. Clouds were not to be seen at all. On a regular day, we're all for that. The trouble is that it makes things a little tricky for photography - people with squinting eyes don't seem to make the greatest photos - so we were a little bummed that it was so clear, but we still managed to work it out. We always love the challenge of getting the best photos possible in ANY situation.

We tried to keep the gallery to around 30 total photos to share, but there were too many that we loved. Some are just too fun to not share... so we did 2 galleries. Here is a sampling from the many sessions we held on the day. 

Professional Portrait Blitz

A few weeks ago, we held our very first indoor Blitz. We were very lucky enough to get access to a show home from Kanvi Homes. This home was beautifully staged and looked fantastic! The idea of this Blitz was to provide professional people with photos that were different than the typical plain white background image that so many others seem to have on their LinkedIn/Facebook/websites. This seemed to really attract realtors to the session. Of the 7 that joined us for the day, 6 of them are realtors.

We are very happy with the images we were able to capture on the day. Giving everyone several different options to present to their prospective clients was the goal and we’re confident this goal was met!

A big thank you to Kanvi Homes for allowing us to use this beautiful home (that has since sold by the way!).

For more information on those involved on the day, please see below:

Kanvi Homes: https://www.kanvihomes.com/
Erin Sneazwell: http://erin.yegpicklocal.com/
Craig Finnman: http://craigfinnman.ca/
Derek Burak: https://www.century21.ca/derek.burak
Bill Jennerich: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Loadersells/posts/?ref=page_internal
Shawna & Robert Eskiw: http://www.homeinedmonton.com/
Sandy Pon: http://sandypon.com/

Take a look at some of the photos from the Blitz: 

Shawna & Robert Eskiw

Derek Burak

Sandy Pon

Bill Jennerich