Liz & Greg's Wedding

My sister got married! At the Calgary Zoo! It was incredible.

A couple of months ago, we shared the fun engagement shoot we did with these two and during that session, we knew that their wedding would be awesome. It did not disappoint. The thing that may not come across in these photos, is the heat, my gawd the heat! Like flames on the side of ours faces. It was +31c in the direct Alberta sun, but they were all troopers. We did try to find refuge in any shade we could both to cool down and also get those non-squinty shots.

I do have to say a huge thank you to Brad. Not that I don't normally appreciate everything he does when it comes to this photo partnership, but in this instance, he absolutely went above and beyond. Occasionally, being a family member, I had to be in front of the camera. Brad easily picked up the slack and got the job done. Thank you sir.

Another cool element of the big day was that we got to work with marriage commissioner, Jacquie Hoare. My wife and I were married by Jacquie in her third ever wedding. Ten years later as she joined sister and now brother-in-law, she crossed her 800th ceremony. Amazing. 

Liz, you looked amazing! Greg, welcome (officially) to the family. I'm so happy with how these shots turned out. It was a magnificent day. Here's top many more magnificent ones.

- dave

Elizabeth & Greg's Wedding - 20170902 - 1008.jpg

Misha & Caleb

It feels like every time you go downtown, another mural has graced the side of building, adding such personality to the neighbourhood. For Misha and Caleb's session, we headed to 104 St, one of our favourite spots in the city and just walked around the block taking advantage of the varying architecture in such a small radius.

We spent some time with the dogs then dropped them off to explore the rest of the block. Pretty happy with how these shots turned out. Enjoy!

Liz & Greg

My sister is getting married!

Having worked so many weddings in the last few years, you forget all that gets put into pulling off these events. Our family has been consumed with wedding talk for the better part of 2017, and the big day is almost here. Even though I am part of the family, by nature I had a hard time letting anyone else photograph the big day.  Brad and I will be there with bells on to document the fun.

As with any couple about to be married, we ALWAYS recommend an engagement session. When we were talking about this with Liz and Greg, my mom kept chiming in, "I don't get it. Why do you do engagement photos? We never did those." 

Well mom, beyond the added bonus of getting some photos the couple could use for invitations, or to post on social media, how many couples have ever had professional photos taken of themselves BEFORE their wedding? Would you really want the first time to be on the day where you are coordinating family, time pressures, caterers, flowers, music, decorations,  etc...? 

An engagement session is really about being comfortable having your picture taken without the pressure of the big day. We get a quick sense of what the couple likes and what they are not into. Additionally, it allows for photos in locations you may not be able to get to on the big day.

In this case, Liz and Greg are getting married at the Calgary Zoo and their reception is there as well. So for their engagement session we got to hit one of our favourite urban spots.

Can't wait for the big day and to share the photos with y'all. 

Does it make sense now mom?

- dave

Spring Portrait Blitz - Team Shereka

While it's always awesome to see some of our favourite clients at each of our blitzes, it is also nice to meet some new faces. Shereka and her crew found us through a referral and we couldn't have been happier spending some time with them.

A lot of laughs were had as we toured the Le Marchand Manor capturing this family in a moment in time. Hope to see you all again soon!

September Portrait Blitz - The Doyles

Since the first time we worked with Brandon and Shelby for their engagement session, and then through to their wedding, we have always looked forward to the next opportunity to work with these two.

Fast forward a few years, and two have become three.  We were so happy to meet their little man. He was a trooper. Just so adorable. Can't wait to work with this family for years to come.

Cassie & Drew

What a great day this was!

After the great time we had with Cassie and Drew at their engagement session, we were pumped to get shooting their big day. The day started off at with a First Look at their house, then we headed to Iconoclast Coffee (a favourite hangout of these two), took some photos on the edge of the new Brewery District, before finally heading off to the Old Timers Cabin for the ceremony and reception. 

Thank you Cassie and Drew for letting us capture your wedding. Here's to many awesome years ahead!

A Cold and Cool Fall Session

We met Leslie on the very first wedding Brad and I shot together. At that time, she was pregnant with her first. Now all these years later we had the pleasure of photographing the whole brood. 

We took them to a spot downtown that we've wanted to shoot at for a long time. It offered such diverse settings and only within a block radius. We are really happy with how this session turned out. Check it out for yourself.

Urban Maternity

We were contacted by Meagan and Sean as they were the lucky recipients of a photo session purchased by her sister. Several months back, Brad and I donated a session to Watch Me Productions for their fundraiser for 'An Evening with Shel Silverstein". Brad and I being big supporters of the arts couldn't have been happier to help out.

When it was time for her session, Meagan (who is having twins) made it very clear that she didn't want the normal type of maternity shots, but really wanted something that matched her and her husband's personalities. She came to the right place. This is out favourite type of shoot.

Check out some of the stuff we got from that day and check the Portraits section of our page for other similar shoots we've done.

- dave