Liz & Greg

My sister is getting married!

Having worked so many weddings in the last few years, you forget all that gets put into pulling off these events. Our family has been consumed with wedding talk for the better part of 2017, and the big day is almost here. Even though I am part of the family, by nature I had a hard time letting anyone else photograph the big day.  Brad and I will be there with bells on to document the fun.

As with any couple about to be married, we ALWAYS recommend an engagement session. When we were talking about this with Liz and Greg, my mom kept chiming in, "I don't get it. Why do you do engagement photos? We never did those." 

Well mom, beyond the added bonus of getting some photos the couple could use for invitations, or to post on social media, how many couples have ever had professional photos taken of themselves BEFORE their wedding? Would you really want the first time to be on the day where you are coordinating family, time pressures, caterers, flowers, music, decorations,  etc...? 

An engagement session is really about being comfortable having your picture taken without the pressure of the big day. We get a quick sense of what the couple likes and what they are not into. Additionally, it allows for photos in locations you may not be able to get to on the big day.

In this case, Liz and Greg are getting married at the Calgary Zoo and their reception is there as well. So for their engagement session we got to hit one of our favourite urban spots.

Can't wait for the big day and to share the photos with y'all. 

Does it make sense now mom?

- dave