Emily Anne & Jennifer - Engagement Session

Today is the wedding of Emily-Anne & Jennifer. We are so excited for these two!!

We were also very excited to shoot their engagement shoot. Often couples suggest doing their session at the Legislature Building (commonly know to us locals as "The Leg"). Now, nothing against The Leg, but it actually isn't the most amazing place for photos. It's a great place to visit, and it is beautiful to be around, but from a photography standpoint, it isn't that dynamic. But, the fact that these two both work at The Leg and got us access to take photos inside, that was exciting to us!!

For the shots outside the sun was definitely on our side so we used it as often as we could. Then we got to go inside. That was so good!

The Leg is truly a magnificent building. Dave and I were pretty happy with the multitude of locations we found to take photos of the happy couple. Since they work in the building and see it as "the workplace", I suspect they thought we were a bit strange for being so excited. If you think about it, who ever thinks their workplace is "photo-worthy"? But after we showed them a few of the photos we got during the session they were won over. Sometimes seeing things through someone else's eyes makes it appear different than how you pictured it. 

We can't wait to spend their wedding day with them today. The engagement session was so fun and I know the wedding is going to be full of fun as well. 

- brad