2018 Spring Portrait Blitz

We held our annual Spring Portrait Blitz in and around the new Norquest building on 108 Street and 102 Avenue this year. The building looks fantastic! The area around the building is also full of nice little spots that allowed us to capture some great images of the groups that took part in the event.

The day ended up being quite warm and sunny. Clouds were not to be seen at all. On a regular day, we're all for that. The trouble is that it makes things a little tricky for photography - people with squinting eyes don't seem to make the greatest photos - so we were a little bummed that it was so clear, but we still managed to work it out. We always love the challenge of getting the best photos possible in ANY situation.

We tried to keep the gallery to around 30 total photos to share, but there were too many that we loved. Some are just too fun to not share... so we did 2 galleries. Here is a sampling from the many sessions we held on the day. 

Professional Portrait Blitz

A few weeks ago, we held our very first indoor Blitz. We were very lucky enough to get access to a show home from Kanvi Homes. This home was beautifully staged and looked fantastic! The idea of this Blitz was to provide professional people with photos that were different than the typical plain white background image that so many others seem to have on their LinkedIn/Facebook/websites. This seemed to really attract realtors to the session. Of the 7 that joined us for the day, 6 of them are realtors.

We are very happy with the images we were able to capture on the day. Giving everyone several different options to present to their prospective clients was the goal and we’re confident this goal was met!

A big thank you to Kanvi Homes for allowing us to use this beautiful home (that has since sold by the way!).

For more information on those involved on the day, please see below:

Kanvi Homes: https://www.kanvihomes.com/
Erin Sneazwell: http://erin.yegpicklocal.com/
Craig Finnman: http://craigfinnman.ca/
Derek Burak: https://www.century21.ca/derek.burak
Bill Jennerich: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Loadersells/posts/?ref=page_internal
Shawna & Robert Eskiw: http://www.homeinedmonton.com/
Sandy Pon: http://sandypon.com/

Take a look at some of the photos from the Blitz: 

Shawna & Robert Eskiw

Derek Burak

Sandy Pon

Bill Jennerich

Craig Finnman

Erin Sneazwell

Fall Portrait Blitz - Team Shaina

Another returning family to the Portrait Blitz. The last time we met up with them though, they didn't have their newest addition! We were so happy to meet the little fella. He did great during the session and it is clear that his big sister loves him. 

It is also clear that she loves their dog - but we're glad for that, as always, since their snuggling makes for great photos!

Take a look at some of the photos from the most recent session with them:

Fall Portrait Blitz - Team Lindsay

Lindsay and the family joined us a few years ago for a blitz session and decided it was time to update their photo album. We were so glad to see them again. 

The one challenge with their session is that their youngest had JUST lost a tooth the night before and was very self-conscious about his smile and tried to hide from the camera as much as possible. It took us a little bit, but we got him to let his guard down!

Take a look at some of the shots from their most recent session:

Fall Portrait Blitz - Team Jen

Jen, Dave, and little Z joined us again for another Blitz and Z stole our hearts again! I am pretty sure this little lady has a smile every second of her life and that makes it pretty great for getting fun photos of her. 

This time around the little superstar didn't want to give up her shades! She finally gave them up once Dad decided HE would wear them. She seemed pretty happy about that.

Check out some photos from their session:

Fall Portrait Blitz - Team Walsh

Another first time blitzer, the Walsh's were the last session of the day, and did we ever have a good time. At first, we did run into a little camera shyness from the little ones  but tickles and tosses in the air and they really warmed up. So much so that the "posing" broke out and almost couldn't be stopped. 

Thanks for joining us for the photo blitz. We can't wait to see you again.

Fall Portrait Blitz - Team Day

We love the fact  that during this blitz, we had 3 former wedding couples return with their budding or soon to be budding families. For the Day family, their return in front of the lens was overtaken by the newest addition to the family. This little dude stole the show.

I don't think I've ever seen such a camera cool kid. Every time we were ready for a shot, this little man would whip his head around with the biggest smile. Can't wait to see this kid grow up.

Spring Portrait Blitz - Team Shereka

While it's always awesome to see some of our favourite clients at each of our blitzes, it is also nice to meet some new faces. Shereka and her crew found us through a referral and we couldn't have been happier spending some time with them.

A lot of laughs were had as we toured the Le Marchand Manor capturing this family in a moment in time. Hope to see you all again soon!

Spring Portrait Blitz - Team Christina

Christina found us because of her brother Scott, who also participated in this Blitz. Scott and his wife Biddy have been at several of our sessions actually, and we were happy to meet more of the family.

One of the fun things about this session was trying to get the older daughter so smile. She was playing shy for a lot of the session but we were able to get her to start enjoying the idea of having her photo taken. The younger daughter seemed to be a natural in front of the camera though!

Here are some of the photos of the family.

Spring Portrait Blitz - Team Marika

Dave has known Marika for many years. We took photos of her while she was pregnant with their little guy and then we followed that up with a family session with Marika, her husband Stephen, and their then 6 month old baby.

Their session consisted of bubble blowing, coaxing their little dude with chocolate almond milk, and of course lots of laughs. We had a fun time with them once again.

Here are a few photos from their Blitz session.