Urban Maternity

We were contacted by Meagan and Sean as they were the lucky recipients of a photo session purchased by her sister. Several months back, Brad and I donated a session to Watch Me Productions for their fundraiser for 'An Evening with Shel Silverstein". Brad and I being big supporters of the arts couldn't have been happier to help out.

When it was time for her session, Meagan (who is having twins) made it very clear that she didn't want the normal type of maternity shots, but really wanted something that matched her and her husband's personalities. She came to the right place. This is out favourite type of shoot.

Check out some of the stuff we got from that day and check the Portraits section of our page for other similar shoots we've done.

- dave

cat & chris & slurpees

Cat & Chris know us through our other place of business. In case people don't know, Brad and I have a common day job as well as our photography.

These two awesome people are getting married out east this summer, but wanted us to do their session so they could show their Edmonton side off to their family and friends back home.

We started early at the Bunches in Parkallen where Cat workls part time. I'm glad I took my allergy pills!

We then moved into where Brad and I thrive. ALLEYS!

Behind Whyte Avenue on a Sunday morning, we found some new spots and Cat & Chris were more than game to let us try some stuff out.

Here is what we got. Check out similar shoots in the Portraits section of our page.


- dave & brad

Head Shots - Mari

I met Mari last year while doing promo shots for Promise Productions' Snow Globe Festival. 

She emailed me saying that head shots were long over due and she wanted something gritty. We headed out on a really windy day to one of my favourite parkades. It was way too cold so we headed underground where the parkade was heated.

I love locations like this because it really easy to get several different looks within only a few feet. So many textures and interesting backdrops. 

Here is a sampling of some of what we got done that day. For more head shots, swing on by the Promotion section of our site.

- dave