Morgan, Ben, & Ronan

We pride ourselves on being a creative duo. We thoroughly love when we are able to provide creative input for shoots when we work with various theatre groups. We love being able to advise our other clients on possible locations, wardrobe, and general theme of the shoot. But every once in a blue moon we get to work with someone like Morgan.

Morgan and her husband Ben were expecting their first child and Morgan was looking to get Maternity photos done. But not just any old photos – she had something in mind. She wanted the shoot to be based on John Waters 1990 movie, Cry Baby, starring Johnny Depp. And we loved the idea!!

When we met downtown for the shoot Morgan arrived looking so much like Ricki Lakes’ character Pepper Walker - it was awesome! The shoot was so much fun. Morgan totally played up the character in every way and we all laughed a great deal in between shots.

Flash forward several weeks and we switch gears for our visit with Morgan and Ben and their new arrival, Ronan. This shoot may not have been “themed”, but it was still a lot of fun.

Ronan is definitely a cutie. It was also great to see how their dog Maybelline was obviously comfortable with this new human in her life.  

Congrats to Morgan and Ben on the arrival of their son Ronan.

Here is a look at images from both sessions:

Gwen is here!

I love at home new born sessions. There is something about capturing a young family in the place where they spend most of their time. In their element. I was so excited to meet Gwendolyn, especially because it gave me an excuse to reconnect with longtime friends Kim and Treena.

Enjoy these shots from the session.

Allison, Harris and Violet

We love doing newborn sessions. Especially when we get to shoot in the comfort and warmth of the little one's new home. There is something awesome about photos where the new family is simply cuddling on the couch or lying in bed just staring at each other. 

Here is Allison (who we met in a Canmore wedding party), Harris and their new little Violet.  

Congrats you guys! She's beautiful! 


This is Max.

You met his parents, Marika and Steven, just days before this little guy made his appearance. He is such a tiny little dude and SO patient.  

You could tell right away how much love these two had for their most recent addition. I think that really comes across in the shots below.

Check 'em out!

- dave


I am just honoured to have photographed this new family. Matt and Jenn are long time friends and you could see the pride they have over their little guy. I can't get over how cute this tiny dude is.

It stopped raining just in time for us to dress him up and head outside. He was such a trooper. 

Check him out everyone!

Meet Will.

- dave


So lucky to be the one who gets to take photos of this little dude. Such a cute little man.  Amber and Bing were mine and Brad's first wedding as Now we get to shoot the next stage in their lives.

Amber shares a job with us in our corporate world. We miss having her around, but to see the joy in her eyes when she looked at Ethan, well we can't blame her for wanting to spend every moment with him.

This is our favourite kind of new born session, in the warmth of the family home. Amongst his new things. In his new room. With his new sister, Mika the dog.

Check it out!