Cassie & Drew

We captured a rainbow!

It was a bright one too. While traipsing through the river valley, trying to avoid the rain, we stopped to check a setting on the camera and when we looked up, we saw one of the clearest rainbows we had seen in a long time. Such a great thing to catch.

After that, we led Cassie and Drew under Saskatchewan Drive and over to the High Level Bridge for some night time shots. Pretty happy with how this session turned out.

Looking forward to this wedding next year.

Mahmi Family

This was our second time with this family and once again it was a lot of fun. It's great to see how much their son has grown in just a few years. We fought off the zillion mosquitoes that were swarming all around us and managed to get some nice shots on a beautiful evening. 

Take a look at a sampling of the photos from the session.

Jen & Pierre

After a bit of a delay due to the weather, Dave and I finally met up with Jen & Pierre to do an engagement photo session. It was a fun time for sure. It always makes us laugh when couples tell us how non-photogenic they are - and then when the session starts, and we ask them to just snuggle together or hold each other their obvious love for each other makes the photo just happen. Never fails. 

Here are some photos from the session - I think you can see what I mean. Don't they look great?

Erica & Tyler - Engagement Session

With just over a month until their wedding, we went with Erica & Tyler to take some engagement photos. We took them to the base of the High Level Bridge at the edge of Kinsmen Park and wandered around finding a ton of interesting little pockets for photos.  

 It was supposed to rain but it turned out to be a very hot day! We had a ton of fun rooting around the bushes and climbing on bridges again. Erica & Tyler were definitely up for whatever crazy suggestion we put to them. It is going to be a great wedding day for sure!!!

 Here are some of our favourites from the engagement session:

- brad & dave