The YEG Photography Webcast is Live!

We're on the YouTubes everybody! We're pretty excited about it. Episode 001 of the YEG Photography Webcast is live and ready for viewing.

For the first episode we thought we would just introduce ourselves and tell a bit about how we started in photography and how we ended up working together. As you will learn if you watch the video (and we hope you do), our real reason for doing this webcast series is that when we were starting out, we appreciated that so many photographers around the world shared their tips and tricks for free. We found that their video tutorials ended up being a large part of our photography education. In fact, we still find videos that enhance what we know all the time. So we thought we'd share our take on all things photographic with the world.

A few examples of what you can expect in upcoming episodes:

  • Editing tips
  • Photography tips
  • Wedding day tips for couples about to be married
  • Our approach to topics like headshots, location scouting, newborn photography etc.
  • Requests from the audience (that means you... let us know what you'd like to see us talk about)

So have a look at the video above and don't be shy - let us know your thoughts. If you have suggestions for upcoming episodes we'd love to hear it. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you won't miss an episode.

Thanks very much everyone!

dave & brad