Caitlin & Austin - The Wedding

Caitlin & Austin’s wedding began late in the afternoon at the Union Bank Inn on Saturday October 5th. Their goal was to have their day be more of a party than a typical wedding, and they were definitely successful.

While Caitlin & Austin were upstairs getting ready in their hotel rooms, the guests waited in the ballroom where the ceremony was being held and had a drink or two and socialized. Party mode never stopped from that time on.

After the couple read their tearful vows to one another and they were pronounced husband and wife, they zipped up to their bridal suite with the Best Man and Maid of Honour to sign the official documents. This allowed for a bit of a breather to relax and enjoy a little champagne before returning to the awaiting crowd of friends and family.

The two newlyweds returned to the party and had a great time mingling with their guests.

The very next morning the couple headed off for their Honeymoon in Mexico.

It is clear that Caitlin & Austin love each other very much. You only have to watch them for a minute to see that they are meant to be together.

We wish them all the best as they start a new chapter in their lives as Husband and Wife.

Here are some of our favourite photos from their wedding: