Krista & Brent's Wedding

We were lucky enough to shoot Krista & Brent’s engagement session at the amazing Ice Castle here in Edmonton back in January. And we were lucky a second time when we found out their ceremony was being held at the Gretzky Church!! Some of you might know it by its actual name of St. Joseph's Basilica (although, if you Google "Gretzky church" it is the first thing that comes up... just saying).

While most of our wedding shoots end up having a decidedly urban feel, we certainly feel right at home out in the country, too. Krista & Brent are definitely more of the outdoorsy types, so we just had to find a location to fit their style for their wedding photos. Luckily, the day before the wedding, Brent stumbled upon this great location. It had this fantastic old barn (that we thought just might collapse right before our eyes), a beautiful pathway leading to the open fields, and a few great old cars. What a find! Nice hunting Brent!

After our session out at the farm we headed back to the couple’s house in Sherwood Park. It was a nice little interlude between the photo session and the upcoming reception. I’m pretty sure they just wanted to head back there because they missed their dogs too much. It was nice for everyone to have a little downtime. They sat out in the back yard while one of the groomsmen played a few songs on his guitar (he also sang the song for the couple’s first dance).

The rest of the day was also a success and a great time was had by all. We wish these two many, many years of happiness.

Here is a look at a selection of the photos from their wedding day: