Kristen & Mark

The wedding of Kristen & Mark on August 24th was our second wedding in Edson. The first was Juniper & Adam last year. Kristen is Juniper’s cousin. I think it is safe to say that Dave and I are now part of the Edson family!!

One of the nicest things to come out of Juniper & Adam’s wedding was the fact that we found Emily. Some of you have met her. She is Juniper’s sister and we became good friends with her following that wedding and she has joined us on several weddings as our third photographer. She is a fine young lady and we are always thrilled to work with her.

Dave, Emily and I hopped in the car early in the morning and headed off to meet Kristen & Mark in Edson. Dave and Emily took the photos of Kristen getting ready and I was with Mark for his prep time. Once they were ready, we met to set up the First Look at a park close to their house. Have we mentioned enough times yet how much we love the First Look? It’s always a special part of the day for us and this was no exception.

From the first look we headed off to the ceremony that was held outdoors at Mark’s parents’ house. It was short but very sweet!

We then headed down to the river behind the house to take some photos of the Bride and Groom with the wedding party - couldn’t ask for a nicer setting, that’s for sure.

Once we finished those photos, we headed out on the road with just Mark & Kristen to take more photos of the two of them. And by “on the road”, we mean it literally!! We pulled off in the middle of the highway to get some nice images of the two of them in the middle of the road (and one of them in the fancy Thunderbird car that they were lucky enough to be driving around in). It was quite fun.

Back to town to take some photos of the wedding party at their favourite local pub (attached to the hotel where the reception was held) and then it was time for the reception.

We ended the night by taking a few photos of their rings. Dave and I always like to come up with something unique or special to the couple for these shots. This time we were able to place the rings on the word “Thunderbird” on the side of their wedding car (as seen below).

All in all, it was another great time in Edson.

Kristen & Mark, we thank you for treating us so nice during our time in your town and we wish you all the best in your newly married lives.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the wedding.