Neil & Mel

It rained. It stopped. It poured. It stopped. It REALLY poured. It drizzled. It stopped. It shone! It rained. It stopped.

What a roller-coaster of a wedding day for Neil and Mel, and all the while the time was spent with laughs and tears and everything in between. Knowing the weather might throw us for a loop, we made sure to plan a pub stop in the middle of the day so we could grab some food and drink, get out of the down pour and take a breath. This time, the good folks at Biera played host.

What an amazing building! So many different nooks and crannies, both inside and out. From there we headed out to Mill Creek ravine for some mandatory bridge shots, then to Remedy Cafe for another quick warm up before heading to the reception. The added bonus about our quick cafe stop, is that Remedy is where Neil and Mel met when he was a server there. It was fun recreating that moment.

Our evening ended at the Pleasantview Community League where we were witness to heartfelt speeches, tons of laughter, and an off the hook dance floor.

We hope you enjoy this peak at Neil & Mel’s amazing day.


2018 Spring Portrait Blitz

We held our annual Spring Portrait Blitz in and around the new Norquest building on 108 Street and 102 Avenue this year. The building looks fantastic! The area around the building is also full of nice little spots that allowed us to capture some great images of the groups that took part in the event.

The day ended up being quite warm and sunny. Clouds were not to be seen at all. On a regular day, we're all for that. The trouble is that it makes things a little tricky for photography - people with squinting eyes don't seem to make the greatest photos - so we were a little bummed that it was so clear, but we still managed to work it out. We always love the challenge of getting the best photos possible in ANY situation.

We tried to keep the gallery to around 30 total photos to share, but there were too many that we loved. Some are just too fun to not share... so we did 2 galleries. Here is a sampling from the many sessions we held on the day. 

Professional Portrait Blitz

A few weeks ago, we held our very first indoor Blitz. We were very lucky enough to get access to a show home from Kanvi Homes. This home was beautifully staged and looked fantastic! The idea of this Blitz was to provide professional people with photos that were different than the typical plain white background image that so many others seem to have on their LinkedIn/Facebook/websites. This seemed to really attract realtors to the session. Of the 7 that joined us for the day, 6 of them are realtors.

We are very happy with the images we were able to capture on the day. Giving everyone several different options to present to their prospective clients was the goal and we’re confident this goal was met!

A big thank you to Kanvi Homes for allowing us to use this beautiful home (that has since sold by the way!).

For more information on those involved on the day, please see below:

Kanvi Homes:
Erin Sneazwell:
Craig Finnman:
Derek Burak:
Bill Jennerich:
Shawna & Robert Eskiw:
Sandy Pon:

Take a look at some of the photos from the Blitz: 

Shawna & Robert Eskiw

Derek Burak

Sandy Pon

Bill Jennerich

Craig Finnman

Erin Sneazwell

Boardwalk Ice On Whyte Festival

Dave and I had the pleasure of being the photographers for the Boardwalk Ice On Whyte festival this year. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a winter festival with an ice carving competition, ice carving lessons, an ice bar, and many other activities. It was held from January 25 to February 11 in the Whyte Ave area (across the street from El Cortez).

The ice carving competition is actually quite intense! The carvers of the 8 sculptures hail from all around the world (Netherlands, France, Mexico, Nepal, Poland, and others) and create unbelievable works of art out of giant slabs of ice. Take a look at some of these creations:

The winners of this year’s competition were The Baisis Brothers from Canada and the Philippines. Their sculpture was named Alliance (the one with the warrior on top of spider legs).  Here they are accepting their first place prize:

Boardwalk Ice on Whyte Awards - 20180126 - 106-web.jpg

The ice carving lessons (Big Chippers for the adults, L’il Chippers for the kids) were a lot of fun. Participants get a slab of ice, trace a design on top, then carve out their own piece of art. One of the best things for Dave and I was the fact these lessons took place in a heated igloo tent. It was C-O-L-D out there during the festival. It’s not so bad when you can wear giant gloves and/or keep your hands in your pockets, but having to use your fingers to take photos made for some icy hands. The heated igloo was our savior for sure!

Here is a look at some of the L’il Chippers in action:

And the Big Chippers having their fun:

The adults warmed up in a fantastic ice bar that was next to the ice carving lessons igloo. And by ice bar, I mean the actual bar was made out of ice! It was cool! (pun intended).

Inside the ice bar, you could get warmed up with hot chocolate mixed with different spirits, or have a cold beer. Also made out of ice was a giant sculpture that served as a luge for pouring shots down.  Check out some of the action at the ice bar:

On Sunday, February 4th, El Cortez hosted the Whiskey Stew Off. This was a stew-making competition with a twist: the chefs from 4 different restaurants around town had to use only local ingredients and also use whiskey from Hansen Distillery (one of the festival sponsors) in their creation. Dave can tell you that each of the competitors made delicious stews!! The winners were the chefs from Meat. Here are some photos from the competition:

As you can see, the festival was pretty darn fun. Mark it on your calendars to attend next year.

Tips for your Wedding Day

As you probably noticed in your social media feeds, many couples get engaged over the holidays. Having photographed a lot of weddings over the years, Dave and I have seen some amazing things done at these weddings, and we have seen some things that didn’t quite work out as planned. We thought we’d take a moment to share a few of these observations with those of you who will be planning weddings this coming year. These tips are not just about making the photos as good as can be, but also about having your day go as smoothly as possible.

Engagement Shoot


Many couples have never taken part in a professional photo shoot prior to their wedding day.  If at all possible, try and book a wedding photography package that includes an engagement shoot. This session will give you an idea of what to expect on your big day.

Another advantage of an engagement session is location. Not having the time constraints that you will on your wedding day allows you to consider locations that you probably can’t get to on the big day.



We have seen some beautiful centerpieces in our time shooting weddings. Pinterest has provided couples with some really amazing ideas that are great DIY projects. One thing to keep in mind is the height of the centerpiece. When your guests are sitting at their tables, it is challenging to speak with the people across the table if there is a giant obstruction in the way.


Grooms should shave the day/night before the wedding, especially if they are prone to razor burn. Having that extra time will give your skin time to recover from the sting of the blade so you don’t look like you have sunburn on your chin. This advice goes for the ladies as well. Legs and underarms can benefit from a cooldown period.

Family Photos Location


Once the ceremony is complete, most couples want to have photos taken with their Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, siblings etc. Some couples try and come up with a special location for these photos and that might require travel time. If there is a place that is very significant for you then this is perfectly acceptable, however, ultimately the background for these photos is not very visible in these photos so traveling to another location might not be as ideal as you’d think. We try and find a location around where the ceremony is held that will be a nice backdrop. A bonus tip is to prepare a list of the people/combinations you would like to include in the family photo portion (we have a document we provide to couples that helps them figure this out).

Food During the Day


Eating during the day is obviously important, but it’s not as easy as you’d think. Once the Wedding Party is off for the formal photo portion of the day there isn’t always a chance for eating. A good idea is to pack some snacks and drinks in a cooler for your Wedding Party.

A better option we’ve discovered is to plan a stop at a pub between the ceremony and the reception. This gives everyone a time to eat, drink, and be merry while providing us photographers with a great opportunity to capture photos of you and those closest to you having fun together.

"First-Aid" Kit

Have the Best Man or Maid of Honour pack a little selection of items that might be a day-saver. Some items that are quite small but can be quite powerful are:

  • Band-aids
  • Tylenol/Advil
  • Sewing kit
  • Travel size hairspray
  • Tide Pen

Clinking of the glasses

There was a time when wedding guests really went overboard with the clinking. This started a whole movement of couples/emcees coming up with elaborate steps someone had to take in order to see the couple kiss. The good news is that the weddings we've been to in the last few years where clinking is allowed have been quite reasonable. One wedding set it up with the crowd that clinking was acceptable, but if it got out of hand they had a backup plan.

We hope you find these tips helpful when planning your big day. If you would like to meet up with us to discuss how we might fit into your wedding day plans, you can leave us a comment below. Check out some of our wedding photography at

Happy new year!

brad & dave

Fall Portrait Blitz - Team Shaina

Another returning family to the Portrait Blitz. The last time we met up with them though, they didn't have their newest addition! We were so happy to meet the little fella. He did great during the session and it is clear that his big sister loves him. 

It is also clear that she loves their dog - but we're glad for that, as always, since their snuggling makes for great photos!

Take a look at some of the photos from the most recent session with them:

Natalie & Ryan

Our last wedding of the year was a fun one.

We spent a beautiful fall day with Natalie and Ryan starting at the Matrix Hotel for the getting ready and the ceremony, then heading to Local on Jasper for a much needed pub stop, where we got some great casual photos of the bridal team, before heading back to the Matrix to dance the night away. 

Finding all the spots at Local was fun. Because of the cloudy day, we sat at a long table on the patio and used that as a staging area and after getting a few drinks and nachos (our favourite), we ran around the place finding all the cool spots to feature this good looking group of people.

The night was full of great speeches, real emotion, and great food. 

Congratulations Natalie & Ryan! Thanks for letting us hang out with you for the day!

Emily-Anne & Jen - The Wedding

What a day! We had so much fun with Emily-Anne and Jennifer on their wedding day. It was a day full of laughs – just like their engagement session was.

One of the highlights of the day was when we were taking photos around Le Marchand Mansion when two people working in the building came out to speak with us. We were pretty certain they were going to tell us we weren’t allowed to be taking photos on the property, but instead, they asked us if we wanted to go up on the roof to take some photos. Umm…. Yes please??!!?? The view was incredible from up there. The sky was fog-like due to the smoke coming into town from forest fires around Alberta. While we certainly weren’t happy that the fires were going on, it did make for some dreamy backgrounds for their photos.

Their outdoor ceremony was beautiful. Having their guests form a semi-circle was such a nice touch. The speeches they wrote for each other brought tears to everyone’s eyes, while still managing to make everyone laugh, too. 

After the ceremony, we headed to Red Star Pub to relax, have a drink or two, grab some food, and take some photos. The staff of Red Star was very accommodating to us and we appreciate it very much!

The great day continued with the reception at the Old Timers Cabin. The room was truly breathtaking! Wedding planner Maggie from MB&COMPANY did such a great job making sure everything looked top-notch. Great speeches, delicious food (catered by Culina), a double bouquet toss, cutting of the most amazing wedding cake ever, followed by non-stop dancing to music played by the outstanding DJ Kwake (seriously... the best DJ we've ever worked with - the dance floor is never empty when he's on the scene!) made the evening one of our favourites.

We are so happy for these two and wish them a life of complete happiness together.