Jamie & Nicole - The Wedding Day!

What a day we had with Jamie & Nicole back in September! I've known these two for several years and was so thrilled to be photographing their wedding. 

Dave and I were lucky enough to have the help of Emily - she was a bridesmaid from the Juniper & Adam wedding that we also shot in September. She is an aspiring phtographer with a keen eye and is great to be around. She was such a great help for this shoot.

The day started with the fellas heading to get shaves and haircuts at The Men's Room in Mayfield Common - that was awesome! What a great way to start the day (Dave even got a haircut while he was there!).

We all then made our way to Sherwood Park for the ceremony then it was off to the Muttart grounds for formal photos.

From there we headed back to Sherwood Park for the reception.

I have to say that I loved being so involved in Jamie & Nicole's big day - it was very special and I am so glad I was able to share it like I did.

Congrats Jamie & Nicole!

Here are some of the images we took on this great day. Enjoy!


- brad