Snow Globe Festival of Children's Theatre - 2012

It's that time of year again! The snow has fallen, there is a jingle in the malls as you rush to get your shopping done, and back warming children's hearts for another year is the Snow Globe Festival of Children's Theatre, running December 18-22 at the C-103 (formerly the Catalyst theatre).

Promise Productions' annual gift to the city of Edmonton is back for it's second year. I had the privilege once again to handle all the graphic design and photography for this theatre festival.

If you have young ones, or are young at heart, you will not be disappointed with the awesome line up this year.

The festival is featuring:

Babes in Toyland by Rebecca Ryland

Robin Hoodby Kathryn Schultz Miller


Birdie on the Wrong Bus by the festival's own Ellen Chorley

Tickets are on sale now at Tix on the Square and more information can be found on their website: or on their Facebook page.

Here are some of the shots I did for the festival.

Enjoy and hope to see you there. 


- dave

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