Theatre Yes returns with an intense new project. Anxiety opens this week and promises to be a unique experience. Audiences are taken into 6 small intimate performances that will challenge the heights of joy and the depths of despair.

Once again, we are pleased to work with them to devise their promotional materiel. We focused what an audience member may be feeling the moment before they open the door and step into on the the performances. 

If you want to check out this one-of-a-kind performance, the details are below.


Nov 24th – Dec 4th

La Cite Francophone, Edmonton, AB, 8627 91 St

7:30pm nightly, 1:30pm Saturday Matinees

Tickets available through Tix on the Square (780.420.1757) or at the door


Bone Cage

Theatre Yes is back and we are happy to be working with them again.

This time they are producing Catherine Banks' Bone Cage. We love working with this group.  Every time they approach us, we know we are in for something cool, and that we will have the artistic license to help sell the emotion of their upcoming project.

In meeting for this show, we talked a lot about the rage and frustration that is an underlying current throughout the story. We made that a central theme of the images. There has been a lot of positive feedback on how these turned out. 

See for yourself, then follow the links to get all the info on the show.



Tickets 780.420.1757

September 24th – Oct 4th 2015

La Cite Francophone 8627 Marie-Anne Gaboury Street (91 Street)

BONE CAGE is a poetic masterwork set in a rural Nova Scotia town where logging is the way-of-life. The play follows the  unraveling of a group of tough-talking group of twenty-somethings who ache to take the world by storm but are hobbled by life in their industry town. The play is an urgently contemporary coming of age story that calls out poignantly to Alberta  where the backbone of the economy is built on volatile industries and jobs often come at a distinct personal price.


Tickets available in advance through TIX ON THE SQUARE and at the door.

The Laws of Thermodynamics

Sessions like this just get our creative juices following. We can always count on the good people of Theatre Yes! to throw us some awesome challenges and this shoot was no different. Last year, it was shooting in a variety of elevators throughout the downtown core for the National Elevator Project. This year, the apocalypse.

How to we pull of a post-apocalyptic look in the middle of winter in Edmonton? Why, we head to a scrapyard of course. 

Cody Porter was such a trooper. Climbing anywhere we asked. Getting handful after handful of sand poured on his head. All to help ensure we got the best possible images we could.

If you are interested in checking out the show. Here are the details.

The Laws of Thermodynamics by Cat Walsh


February 5 - 15, 2015

ATB Financial Arts Barns - Westbury Theatre - 10330 84 Avenue


Julien Arnold
James Hamilton
Cody Porter
Melissa Thingelstad
Paula Humby

Directed by Heather Inglis

For advance sales visit or call 780.477.5955

The National Elevator Project

This is the thing theatre can do that movies can't.

A one of a kind experience.

A chance to watch a 5 minute play in the intimacy of a real elevator.

I was so excited when Theatre Yes approached me to design their posters and online material for The National Elevator Project. The concept of the shoot surrounded some of the most awkward situations you could find yourself in during a quick ride from the 31st floor of a downtown sky rise.

I encourage you to visit or head over to their Facebook page for more information. 

Plays are five minutes in length and will be available on demand during a 2 hour window daily (from 7:30pm - 9:30pm; matinees are from 2pm - 4pm).

Tickets can be purchased at Tix on the Square.