Shakespeare's Sirens

Day 1!

It's our favourite time of year! Fringe time!

...and man have we been busy. Shooting, designing, publishing. It's been quite the whirlwind... and we LOVE it.  Throughout the week, we will showcasing a different production each day and for today, we start with:

Send in the Girls Burlesque!

Always a treat to work with these ladies. This time was no exception. For this shoot, we returned to the look from our very first outing for their production of Tudor Queens. Make sure to get your tickets soon for this awesome show as they will more than likely sell out fast! 

See you tomorrow for our next poster!

Details below.

Send in the Girls Burlesque presents

Created by Delia Barnett (LeTabby Lexington), Ellen Chorley, Chantel Hutchison (Cherry Monroe), Sarah Jackson (Violette Coquette), Leah Paterson, C.J. Rowein, and Morgan Smith

Script by Ellen Chorley with Morgan Smith and C.J. Rowein
Group Choreography by Leah Paterson
Costumes created by Andrew Wujkowski, Elise Scarytale Truong (Sweet Carousel Corsetry), Jamie-Anne Ireland, Melody Mangler and Delia Barnett

10506 81 Avenue, Edmonton

Friday Aug 12- 9 PM
Saturday Aug 13- 5 PM
Sunday Aug 14- 11:30 PM
Monday Aug 15- 10:30 PM
Tuesday Aug 16- 10:30 PM
Wednesday Aug 17- 4:30 PM
Friday Aug 19- 4:30 PM
Saturday Aug 20 -3:30 PM
Sunday Aug 21- 8:00 PM

Tickets on sale starting Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at or call the FTA Box Office at (780) 409-1910

It's Love and Other Reasons to Panic

This was such a fun session. We spent a lot of time with Elisa and Delia trying to nail the tone of their upcoming show, It's Love and Other Reasons to Panic premiering this week at the Edmonton Fringe festival. We love how this turned out and would also love if you went to see them in action.

Here are the show details:

Victoria and Rachel are an unlikely pair, and when they meet it's not exactly love at first sight. Victoria, not feeling completely fulfilled, leaves her relationship of 7 years to rediscover who she is and find her confidence. Rachel is a powerhouse with a bit of a clumsy side perfectly happy with being on her own and in control of her own life. But when Rachel meets the man of her dreams, these ladies lives will take a very different turn; especially since Rachel's new love interest, is Victoria's ex-fiancée. They say opposites attract, but will their new friendship survive being this opposite? Come and have a laugh while these two ladies try and figure out what love means.

Created by Delia Barnett (Send in the Girls) and Elisa Benzer (Letters To Laura)
Designed by Keyanu Greeves
Sound Design by Andrew Oberhoffer
Dramaturge Morgan Norwitch
Photos and Poster Design by Dave DeGagné 

Show Times:
Saturday August 15th 10:00pm
Sunday August 16th 8:15pm
Monday August 17th 2:15pm
Tuesday August 18th 4:00pm
Thursday August 20th 6:15pm
Saturday August 22nd 12:00pm

Tickets Available on August 4th at 12:00pm at or call 780-448-9000

The Hollywoodland Burlesques


Have you bought your tickets yet? 

Well, you can't because they aren't on sale yet, but when they are, SNAP THEM UP QUICKLY!

On the heels of two completely sold-out Fringe runs, these girls are back with their newest show, The Hollywoodland Burlesques.

We were honoured to once again be in charge of their photos and promotional material. 

We're pretty happy with how it turned out.

See the other work we have done for them in the Design section of our page.

See you at the Edmonton Fringe!

A Brontë Burlesque - Held Over!

Send in the Girls Burlesque had another amazing fringe run. Their show, 'A Brontë Burlesque' was sold out once again and was held over by Fringe Theatre Adventures for two additional sold out performances.

I had the pleasure of shooting the first of the two hold over shows. These ladies outdid themselves this year. I can't wait to see what is up their sleeves for next year's festival.

Check out other shows we have shot in the Events section of our site.

- dave

A Brontë Burlesque

Send in the Girls returns with their new soon to be Edmonton International Fringe Festival hit, A Brontë Burlesque!

These sold out mavens of burlesque are bringing their unique spin on the Tudor Queens, and this time applying it to the lives of Charlotte, Anne, Emily and Branwel Brontë. Once again I had the pleasure of being their official photographer and poster designer.

The idea was to keep it similar to last year's design while at the same time coming off fresh and original. To add to that, this is the first time I also designed Facebook Timeline cover photos for each of the ladies to display on their personal pages as well as a group one for the Send in the Girls Burlesque page.

It was a lot of fun and I'm really proud of how it turned out. Really hope to see you at the show this August.

For more, check out the Design section of our page. 

- dave

Send in the Girls Burlesque - March Madness

Send in the Girls Burlesque is BACK!

This time they are hitting the New City Legion with an awesome review called 'March Madness'. I always love working with these girls. Always the consummate professionals. They know what they want from the photos but aren't afraid to try something new.

I love how these photos turned out. Brad and I were talking about some of the most rewarding elements of photography for us, and right up on the list is the ability to take seemingly bland locations and make them into something awesome. 

50 points if you can figure out where these ladies are standing!

Check out our Design section for the poster of the event!

Send in the Girls Burlesque presents:

March Madness

March 2nd & 3rd

8130 Gateway Blvd
Show starts at 9:30
$15 dollars 
Hosted by Lindsay Walker
Featuring LeTabby Lexington, Alibastre Albright, Coco Lala and Travesty Tryst.
and a special surprise guest!

Hope to see you there!

- dave