Nevada & Justin

Dave and I were contacted one day asking if we could arrange to do a photo shoot for a band. The challenging part was that they needed it done that night! Well, we made it happen and we were glad it worked out.

We met Nevada & Justin at Giovanni Music where Nevada teaches. After scoping the location quickly (we only had one hour in the space) we found a great stairwell to use. We also set up a white backdrop to get some other shots of the couple.

60 minutes later we were packing up the gear to go home. And we’re pretty pleased with the images we were able to get too!

Check out Nevada & Justin on their Reverb Nation page.

It was a pleasure working with these two and we look forward to working together soon!

Ann Vriend & The Rooster Davis Group Shoot

One of my personal photography highlights of 2014 happened to also be a personal highlight. I was able to do a photo shoot for musicians Ann Vriend and The Rooster Davis Group. I have been a fan of Ann Vriend’s music for many years so this was a dream shoot. It was such a creative session. We did the shoot at the home of one of their friends, and this house is fantastic! It’s a perfect 1960’s time capsule (right down to the sectional couch with a hidden bar!!) and perfectly fit the retro-vibe they had in mind for the shoot.

Present at the shoot were some of Edmonton’s most talented musicians. Trombonist Brad Shigeta, drummer Peter Hendrickson, and keyboardist David Aide (aka Rooster Davis) joined keyboardist Ann Vriend. It’s clear these four like playing music together. We ended up doing several mini-sessions with different combinations of the four musicians on this day, including a quartet, a couple of trios, a duo, and a few solo sessions.

Ann was filming a video for “A Need So Wide” from her brilliant 2014 album “For the People in the Mean Time” later in the day at this house. The video should be out soon and I cannot wait to see it!!

Ann, David and Peter just returned from touring in Europe for a mix of Ann’s solo shows and Rooster Davis shows, and Ann is about to head to Australia for a few months for another series of performances. Have a great time in Australia Ann!

The Rooster Davis Group promises to have a new album out soon.

Here are some links for you to check out these artists:

Ann Vriend:
Ann on Facebook:
Purchase Ann’s album For The People In The Mean Time:
Ann’s video for “Those Records”:
The Rooster Davis Group:
Rooster Davis on Facebook: 


- brad

Make Out City

Make Out City!

A very cool band with a very cool look. We struggled when planning this session to find a place that would fit their 1960s mod look. We stumbled on the Cask & Barrel which couldn't have been a better, more accommodating place.

The feel we were going for was a sense of hanging out with these four, but 50 years ago. With a little scotch, a few cigarettes and a rad location I think we pulled it off. 

Check out these guys on Facebook.