Brenda & Stuart

As some of you know, Dave and I both have “day jobs”. We both work at TELUS (that’s where we actually met up). One of the great things about where we work is that we work with so many nice people. Many of these nice people have ended up as clients of ours and we are grateful to them for trusting us to capture so many of their very special moments.

Brenda is one of those nice people. We worked together in the same department several years ago. When she approached Dave and me to photograph her wedding I was honoured that she would think of us for her event. I had seen her and her fiancé around the food court at work but did not realize that Stuart also worked at TELUS. And I certainly did not realize that they worked in the same department and that they actually met AT WORK! What a great story!

Brenda and Stuart had their ceremony at the Muttart Conservatory and it was quite lovely indeed. Stuart happens to be friends with Edmonton Jazz legend  P.J. Perry and was able to get him and his trio to play the music at the ceremony. It was great!

After the happy couple were officially married we headed out to the grounds of the Muttart for a round of family photos then spent time taking photos of just the two of them.  We are very happy for the two of them as they start their married lives together. Congrats Brenda & Stuart!!

Here are just a few of the images we captured on that day: