Jennifer & David - Wedding Day

One of our favourite things to photograph is a “first look”. For those who don’t know what that is, it is when we get to photograph the moment the couple see each other for the first time on their Wedding day. It sounds simple, but it is honestly one of the most emotional events we get to experience. The expressions on the faces of these two people who are so much in love and adore each other so much is priceless. Dave and I love the challenge of figuring out exactly where to set up these first look scenes, but in this case the happy couple came up with the solution. They actually met each other while working at Dairy Queen many years ago, so they arranged to allow us to photograph in the restaurant. It was perfect. We had the bride’s sister deliver an ice cream cone in between them and when they grabbed for it, they were allowed to see each other for the first time. As you may notice in the photo below, David was actually stunned by the beauty of his bride-to-be!

We had such a fun day travelling around downtown Edmonton on a wintry day. The weather was not too bad at all and allowed us to get several outdoor shots without the bride and groom freezing to death.

Congrats Jennifer & David! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!!

Have a look at some of the photos we captured on the day.