Robert & Melissa - A Baseball Wedding

These two are one of my all time favourite couples. Robert and Melissa are my cousins-in-law and are some of the kindest, sincerest, and helpful people I know. When it came time for their big day, I was honoured to be asked to shoot their wedding.

That was BEFORE Robert and Brad started talking baseball at the consultation meeting (both being avid ball fans) and the idea to do their shoot at TELUS Field was born. Brad and my eyes lit up at the idea of shooting a wedding at a ball park. 

A few phone calls by Melissa later and we were in! As the Edmonton Capitals were on a hiatus, there was instead the Women's World Cup of Baseball. What a day! We got on the field, were up in the stands, ate hot dogs, got interviewed by the Edmonton Journal AND we shot a wedding.

Thanks so much to the staff at the ballpark, the various teams that we put out, the Edmonton Journal and Robert & Melissa for letting us be a part of this awesome day. 

Check out the shots we got from that day and others like it in the Wedding section of our page.


- dave

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