Jay & Tracy - Wetaskiwin Wedding

My Dad was a radio announcer. That meant that my childhood involved moving from city to city whenever my Dad landed a better job/time slot. That also meant that I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my cousins.

One of these cousins is Jay. He’s my Uncle Brian’s son (Uncle Brian was also a radio announcer). We have only really met in person a handful of times over my life. Jay contacted me to see if I would do the photography for his upcoming wedding. I was thrilled.

Dave and I headed out to Wetaskiwin for the big day. It was an outdoor ceremony held in the backyard of his Mom, my Aunt Marleen. The rain fell for parts of the ceremony but the tents managed to keep most people safe and dry.

Following the ceremony we headed off to the Reynolds Alberta Museum to do some shots indoors as the rain continued to fall. I’d never been to the museum and was pleasantly surprised to find so many photo opportunities.

When we stepped out of the museum, the rain had stopped and the sky was getting blue again! We headed to a canola field for more shots, then some train track shots and back to the party in the backyard.

In spite of not having much time with my cousin in my life, I felt very much a part of the family that day. That really shows how powerful a genetic bond can be.

It was great spending time with my cousin and his new bride Tracy. It was also great catching up with my Uncle Brian. I was thrilled to be part of the big day!!

Here are a few shots from the wedding of Jay & Tracy.



- brad