Ruth & Justin

There's a train over head!

One of the things we love about engagement shoots is getting to know the couples of whom we will be taking photos of on their BIG DAY. It lets them get to see how Brad and I work without the stressful time crunch of getting the photo session done in the limited amount of time between the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Brad and I also get to see what the couple is like. What they find funny. The limits they will go to get the shot.

Ruth and Justin are fearless! 

We took them to an active, iron railway bridge, had them climb up on the girders and THEN a train came over their heads! It was intense! But the shots speak for themselves. These two are a blast and we are really looking forward to September when we get to spend the whole day with them.

Check out the shots from that day and others like this in the Portraits section of the site.

- dave & brad