365 - A Year's Worth of Images

Dave's 365

It seemed like an easy idea to begin with. A picture a day, every day, for all of 2013. We decided to do it right as January 1st rolled around. As we began so quickly, we didn't take much time to work out the logistics. Simply, we had to post a shot a day. As the weeks and months went on, we talked about how maybe we should have alternated each day, Brad then me. We also said maybe we should have committed to one photo each a week. 

In the end we stuck to our guns. Not because we owed anyone anything, but to challenge ourselves. In my opinion, the best result of this project was not only the firing up of the creativity required to post an image we were proud of every day, but how weirdly in sync Brad and I are. On several occasions, our images would be very similar, would be an awesome contrast, or would be on a theme, as if we planned it. We never did.

Now that we are several weeks into 2014, I miss this daily project. We are working on our next photo series. Enjoy my top 20 shots from 365 - 2013.

After, check out the 4 FULL galleries with all the shots from the project. 365 page 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Brad's 365

When Dave suggested the 365 Project late in 2012, I thought it was a fantastic idea. We both started out with photography because of our love of capturing images - simple as that. Taking photos of ordinary objects or locations and somehow making them seem different than people had seen them before was, at one time, my only goal with photography. Once I started doing photography as more of a business, it appeared that my camera only came out of the bag when I had a portrait session or a wedding to photograph. Finally, this project would force us to get back to what we loved about photography in the first place.

One measly photo a day – that couldn't be too difficult, right? Well the weather proved to be quite a challenge for me with this project. A cold January meant trying to find things indoors and by February I had already captured images of all of the interesting (or not interesting depending on your opinion) of the items in my apartment (including the elevator, the parkade, the lobby) and it was still quite cold out.

As the year went on and the weather turned nicer, I would go for little photo walks around my downtown neighbourhood. I would find myself many blocks from home and have several “interesting” photos to work with when I got home. It was so great to be able to start looking around at the world again with a more artistic eye. This project rekindled that passion I had to begin with.

When the weather got cold again I found myself setting up the lighting kit in my apartment and tried to find ways to make objects appear different by using light. That was another great part of this project. I loved using my knowledge of light to showcase objects, rather than people, for a change.

Two trips to Vancouver, a trip to Seattle and a vacation in Cuba certainly helped fill out the photos for the year.

In the end, I am very happy with the photos I was able to post through 2013. Here is a look at the 20 images I am most proud of.