Nighthawk Rules

Day 4:

It is the fourth day of our all out-Fringe poster blitz. Today, we highlight the good people at What It Is Productions.

We have worked with these guys a few years ago with their production of Ligature Marks and now they are back.

After meeting with Taylor, the vision of the show was clear and the development of their material came easy.

You can hear us chatting about this and all things Fringe on the What It Is Podcast.

Here are the details about their upcoming, awesome, show:

What It Is Productions presents

by Collin Doyle & James Hamilton

Presented as part of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
Venue #17 - The Roxy on Gateway - 8529 Gateway Blvd

Featuring: Chris W. Cook, Christopher Schulz & Ellie Heath

Long-time pals Dick and Barry embark on the drinking game to end all drinking games known as Nighthawk Rules. The winner determines the ruination of their friendship and Barry's future with his girlfriend, Pam. The loser will have one massive hangover. This Sterling-Award-Winning Fringe hit returns 10 years later!

Directed by Taylor Chadwick
Design Consultant: Ellen Chorley
Sound Design: Brian Bergum
Graphic Design:

Venue 17 - The Roxy on Gateway
Friday August 12 @ 5pm
Saturday August 13 @ 10pm
Sunday August 14 @ 7pm
Monday August 15 @ 2pm
Tuesday August 16 @ 5:30pm
Wednesday August 17 @ 8:30pm
Thursday August 18 @ 7pm
Friday August 19 @ 3:30pm
Saturday August 20 @ 8:30pm
Sunday August 21 @ 4:30pm