Wedding Tip Videos

We realize that many couples get engaged over the Christmas and New Year's season. Over the years that we've been shooting weddings we've come up with some things that we would consider best practices so we thought we share some of these tips with those newly engaged couples now.

These are things that help couples get the best photos on their wedding day. There are things we recommend that help the couple enjoy the day more. We seem to constantly get positive feedback about how smooth their day went and how much they actually enjoyed the photos part of the day. 

When we meet with our clients, we pass this information along to them of course. But we thought it might be nice to share these tips with everyone! So if you know someone who is getting married in the near future, share these videos with them. We're pretty sure they will find at least a few helpful things that they might not have considered.

Each video is around 3 minutes long so it won't eat up your whole day. We hope you enjoy them.

- dave & brad