Chantel in Curls

Chantel Hilton is awesome! Over the last year or so she has been a willing subject for various photo shoots. It isn't always easy to find models who will let me practice fashion photography but Chantel has definitely been there for me. 

This past Saturday she got her hair done (did?) in the most fabulous curls by her friend Krissy Dewalt-Peters and put on a fantastic skirt that was made for her by her designer friend Nomin. We did some shots beside her building, then at the giant window in her apartment then headed to The Commodore Restaurant on Jasper and 107th to do more shots. 

I am so happy with how these photos turned out! Chantel looks very much Marilyn Monroe in so many of these (and also a bit "bad Sandy" from Grease as one passerby mentioned). It was definitely a fun shoot - as usual. Thanks again Chantel!!

- brad