The Rambler at the Edmonton Fringe

It is that time of year again. The Edmonton International Fringe Festival is under two weeks away. For this year's entry, me and my good friend Mark Stubbings are presenting The Rambler.

This show is a big departure for us as it showcases music specifically written for this show. Lacking song-writing experience ourselves, we cast some of the best Edmonton has to offer in the forms of Andy Northrup, Brian Bergum and Lindsey Walker.

The show runs Aug 16-25 at Red Square Vodka House.

All shows at 7pm. 

Tickets can be purchased in advance here

The Rambler

By Mark Stubbings

The Rivet family has been playing “true” country music for more than a decade. But with music venues closing and their Father’s ability waning, Nate and Kenny Rivet are in a tough spot. Kenny is desperate to find a new “sound”, Nate is busy defending himself from his violent on again off again girlfriend Becky and their old man has had it with the both of them. When a family secret is revealed, Kenny and the old man hit the road in search of a lost love with Nate in pursuit. A story about lost love, arthritis, naked polaroids and the things we don’t know about the people we love. 

Original songs performed by Andy Northrup, Lindsey Walker and Brian Bergum with lyrics by by Mark Stubbings.


Old Man Rivet: Andy Northrup
Nate Rivet: Mark Stubbings
Kenny Rivet: Brian Bergum
Becky: Lindsey Walker

Stage Manager: Crystal Oleksyn
Producer: Joshua Semchuk
Sound Designer: Brian Bergum
Technical Advisor: Trent Crosby
Director: Dave DeGagné

Can't wait to see you there!

- dave