Gary & Adina - family portraits

Adina is the older sister of Trevor – one of my oldest friends. Trevor (pictured on the left in the first photo below) and I met back in Grade 8 (he threw a bus pass at me and it sliced my eye. He was so grateful that I didn't tell on him that we became friends for life).

When Adina was looking to get family photos done to celebrate her and Gary’s 25th anniversary, Trevor recommended me for the job. I was honoured that Adina and Gary agreed!

It has been many years since I’ve seen their two daughters so it was amazing for me to see how they have grown into such fantastic young women. Being around this family it was clear to see that they love each other and very much love to laugh! It was such a fun shoot!

What you don’t see in these images are the zillion mosquitoes that were swarming them at every second (in fact, I had to edit many of them out of the photos!). They were such troopers though and managed to put on smiles for the camera in between swatting the bugs away.

Thank you Gary & Adina for the opportunity to capture images of your fantastic family… and congrats on 25 years together!

- brad

Here are some of the photos of this fun family: