The End of The Wheat Pool

It is the end of an era!

Not our poster design, but an awesome one at that. It is such a striking image.


On Friday night Brad and I along with many, many good friends attended the last ever show from The Wheat Pool at the Pawn Shop on Whyte.

It was a night that rocked. A night filled with emotion. A night many won't forget. Local sketch comedy group Moslty Water Theatre and the band Owls by Nature really got the night off on a solid foot. The positive energy in the room was infectious and at the end, there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

The Wheat Pool have been a staple in my music collection for the past seven years and their two albums Township and Hauntario have been a go to gift from our household. 

Even though they have played their last tune as a foursome, I know both Brad and I will be listening to the likes of Peniel, SK, Neil Young and Right Arm for years to come. 

I was priviledged to take photos for their last show. Below, check out some of the images from the evening.

Thanks for the night. Thanks for the tunes.



- dave