Alex & Frank - New Year's Nuptials

We met Alex and Frank several months ago amid a large traffic jam and some nice coffee at Transcend. As soon as Brad and I got to know them, we hed a good feeling about how their engagement and wedding sessions were going to go.

They are a couple knew what they wanted, had awesome ideas but were ready for us to let our creative juices flow. As you can see from the shoot we did for their engagement, the creative angle was one they embraced. When they brought the idea of a World War II coming home shoot, our imaginations lit up and to date, is one of Brad and mine's favourite sessions.

Now, on New Year's Eve comes their wedding and man was it cold. Not in the sense of the temperature, but there was a wicked wind running through the city that day and poor Alex and her bridesmaids were only in dresses and Uggs.

We started at their hotel and then moved to a downtown parkade. It wasn't until we were trying to get some nature type shots that the wind cut through my large coat that we called it a day. 

This wedding was a real treat for us. We had such a blast and it was a fantastic way to ring in the new year.

A huge thanks also goes out to Julianne Cragg at A Modern Proposal, the great staff at the Country Lodge and Raymond Laurie at Impark.

All the best Alex & Frank. Thanks for letting us be a part of the big day!

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- dave & brad