Recently I was at a fundraising event put on by SEBA (South Edmonton Business Association) supporting Prostate Cancer research. Yup, that means MOVEMBER!!!

I was able to set up a little section of the Century Grill bar to do an actual photo shoot for anyone who was sporting a moustache in support of the cause. I was thrilled that even some of the ladies wanted to get in on it.

Donating their time was a whole crew from the Global News Edmonton team (Jennifer Crosby, Gord Steinke, Carole Anne Guay, Shane Jones and Nicola Crosbie) - they served as guest bartenders and did an amazing job. There was never a moment they weren't smiling and having fun with the crowd. Nicola, Jennifer and Shane even stopped by the photo booth and hammed it up for the camera. They were so much fun!!! Two of the Edmonton Oilers Octane cheer team were there and did a great job selling the 50-50 tickets.

In all, the event raised over $4500!! What an achievement indeed. I was so glad to be a part of it.

- brad